Designing A Rabbit Playground

Rabbits are usually active pets that need a wide and safe space to move in, especially that exercise is important for their health. Hence, rabbits’ parents tend to see that designing a rabbit playground is the best and cheapest choice.

That playground can also keep your rabbit away from boredom, and give it a chance to easily and freely eat, play, and hide. Another benefit of designing a rabbit playground, or the rabbitat, is that you can add your unique touches and make sure space can provide the rabbit with the joy it needs.

In this article, we would like to share with you some ideas to help you design a playground in a better way and protect your pet.

In the first part, we will share with you some notes regarding pre-making the playground, while in the second part, we will remind you of things you need to do after you finish designing a rabbit playground.

Before you work on the playground

There are some notes we need to highlight before we show you how to design a rabbit playground so you can imagine it better:

  • Remember that there is a big difference between a rabbit playground and a cage. A playground is a place used as housing and space for playtime, so it is larger than a cage and contains different elements to help the rabbit enjoy its time. While the cage is just a small space to put the rabbit in before you leave the house, for example. We absolutely advise you to go with the playground if you want your rabbit to be happy.
  • You also need to find the proper space for the rabbit’s playground. That space should be 32 square feet minimum, which means you need to choose a suitable space in one room or even use an entire room.
  • Consider creating some cozy spots for your rabbit to sleep or hide in when it feels threatened. To do that, use boxes or place dark pieces of cloth. 
  • Create a space as a litter pan because rabbits are usually very clean and need a space for toileting. You can get a cat litter pan instead of rabbit’s because they are bigger and make them more comfortable.
  • Make sure to keep your rabbit’s playground safe and secure, so it does not run away or get harmed by other animals.

After making your rabbit’s playground

There are more things you need to take care of after making the playground, here are the most significant of them:

  • To make sure your rabbit stays happy and healthy, choose a suitable time for it to spend in its playground. Ideally, five hours a day is enough.
  • You may also want to add some natural soil or dirt for your rabbit to allow it to show natural behaviours. Choose a good spot for the soil and put some in its litter pan so it can have fun while burrowing.
  • Use a hay layer for the ground to keep the rabbit warm, especially if you add more hay where the rabbit sleeps. You can use mixed grass hay or alfalfa hay as they can help the rabbit gain weight.
  • Do not forget to provide fresh food and water for the rabbit on a daily basis to keep it healthy. Some vegetables that rabbits like are bok choy, carrots, broccoli, spinach, celery, and watercress. They also like some fruits like apples, raspberries, melons, pineapples, and melons.
  • Provide your rabbit’s playground with tools for its joy as it keeps tunnelling, climbing, hiding, and perching, such as paper bags, wooden toys, baskets, towels, baby toys.

We wish your rabbit a happy, joyful, and happy life in its new playground! You might want to also check out our DIY rabbit hutch guide.

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