One of the most relaxing activities to do in your life is to just lay on a hammock. What if you can share that luxury with your lovely cat, which spends most of its life RELAXING? Here, we will show you how to make an easy, simple DIY cat hammock and convince you that there is no need to buy a fancy hammock while you can create one with cheap materials with love for your dear pet.

By the way, another advantage of making a DIY cat hammock yourself is that you can create one that matches your house decor and even match the DIY cat scratching post that you are creating too.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Prepare the supplies

1) Materials:

  • ​8 18-inch pieces of 1″x1″ pine (or any type of wood you prefer)
  • 4 8-inch pieces of 1″x1″ pine
  • 2.5-inch finish nails
  • A piece of fabric that matches your décor
  • Furniture tacks brass

2) Tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Rubber mallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors

To make sure this project is easy for you to implement, we made sure the supplies needed can be found inside your house or a near store.

As for the wood pieces, you can get along one and cut it into the lengths given above, and ad for the fabric, if you want to make sure it is comfortable and cozy for the cat, try to choose tough upholstery fabric.

Such material can also be easily cleaned and will not get ripped by the claws of your strong cat!

Step 2: Design the top and bottom

Once the eight pieces of wood are ready, attach them using the hammer and screws. You need to form two square frames for the top and the bottom then use the sandpaper to make the surface of the wood as smooth as possible to make sure the cat will not hurt itself with the splinters.

Step 3: Put the legs

After the square frames are ready, let’s attach them together to reach the final shape by adding the four legs. Use the finish nails to attach the eight pieces in each corner and try your best to make sure they are straight and do not hit the corners hardly with the hammer so you do not leave dents unless you are sure you can hide them with a layer of paint or something. 

Step 4: Add the piece of fabric

Here is the easiest and quickest step. Now you should use the pinking shears to add the fabric piece after you cut the fabric in a suitable size that helps you prevent the edges of the hammock from getting worn, typically through constant rubbing.

This means that 15 inches wide and more than that for the length could be fine. Remember that the length depends on how big and heavy your cat is, so try your best to find out what would be better for your cat.

Also, to achieve a stronghold, make a space between every two nails on each side.

Congratulations! You managed to create a lovely hammock for your cat to play and sleep in. If your cat refuses to try the hammock, it is just because it is not used to it yet and maybe because you are looking at it all the time.

All you need to do is to put a sprinkle of catnip there and leave the room for a while, and you will come back to see it fell asleep there!

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