Horses are joyful to ride, watch and pat on. So, are you getting a horse? So, you must have thought of building its barn. And you went looking for horse barn ideas. Hence, here we are sharing with you some of the best horse barn ideas. These ideas range from the traditional wood fence to the amazing and sturdy metal pipes fencing.

Horse Barn Ideas

Traditional Wood:

A beautiful white fence is popular and good-looking but is expensive, and maintenance costs are high. This is because you are going to use much paint, renewing your wooden fence and patching scraps wherever your animal will be hitting and chewing.

Treated and coated wood:

Similar in look to the standard wooden fence but with the addition of some polymer coating to protect it from harsh weather changes, making it less expensive costs to repaint and repair.

Also, it will make it less likely for your horse to chew or damage. Please note to buy only natural painted woods to protect your animal against poisoning from lead or some toxic painting.

Plastic made fencing:

The cheapest material to use, and it’s very similar to white wood in look, but it is not as durable and sturdy. So it won’t take many violent actions if your horse is highly active. Another problem that it might break making sharp edges that may hurt the horse.

PVC fence as Horse Barn Idea

This fencing is made out of a high-durability complex of PVC and strong steel wires. Each piece is connected right onto treated or coated wood studs and is secured with steel support. Your animal might think it is the same as wood, but it’s not.

Still, if the horse crashes into the fence galloping, it’ll bounce him back and reduce the impact, lessening the possibility it’ll injure itself.

Wire mesh

This rail type is consisting of high standard steel wires weaved into perpendicular or rhombus patterns. Holes in the fence are small by nature, limiting your horse chance of getting a stuck foot through. There are many sizes you might find in the market, which are: 12.5-gauge wire fencing, with 3-by-3¾-inch holes and a 4×4 inch openings with 12.5 Gauge.

Your animal might get confused by the wire fencing because it is not clearly seen; to avoid this add some wooden boards on top of it to prevent it from running into it and getting some bad wounds.

Metal pipes

This type of fencing is constructing using metallic steel pipes. These pipes are sautered together to make a whole fence preventing the horse from running.

But the metallic element in this fence makes it highly susceptible to rust and corrosion. You can get this type of pipes but covered in rust-resistant materials like polymers or alloys.

Finally, we hope you found some fun and information in this article and learned about the various ideas for building a horse barn or even a goat house.

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