Why do we need Grooming Ideas For Dogs?

Regardless of the nature or length of your puppy’s hair, grooming is a critical responsibility of the owner of a dog. Nail and hair care, as well as good hygiene, are essential for general health and well-being. So here you find grooming ideas for Dogs.

Grooming Ideas For Dogs

How to bathe a puppy?

The general advice is to bathe short-haired puppies twice a year, on average, and approximately every three months to long-haired ones. Start the bathroom by brushing your pet’s hair thoroughly to get rid of hair knots.

Next, moisten the fur and apply the shampoo, massaging to foam. Be careful not to get it into the dog’s eyes or ears. You should use lukewarm water, along with a specific shampoo for puppies.

This is to avoid sensitivities or imbalances in the natural pH of the skin. Leave the shampoo on for a some time and then wash it with plenty of water.

Brushing and combing the puppy

Like humans, dogs’ hair grows and dies. Dogs that spend time outdoors change their hair twice a year (spring and autumn), as the daylight changes. Indoor dogs are not so affected by light changes, so they lose hair throughout the year, with two periods of more intensity in spring and autumn.

Brushing and bathing them regularly helps remove dead hair. The frequency and utensils we will use depend on the type of hair.

Brushing very-shorted hair puppies

Although short hair does not require regular care, when necessary, brush it. Firstly, Clean the hair with a rubber brush, and this will detach the dead skin and hair.

Then, use the bristle brush, brushing in the direction of the hair throughout the body to remove any scrap. Lastly, end it up by shining the fur with a wet chamois.

Grooming Ideas For Dogs with short or medium hair

These dogs need more frequent brushing, at least once a week, due to the density of their hair. Use a rough comb to remove as much hair and dead skin as possible. Then, use the bristle brush in the direction of the hair to remove the remains.

You can use a wide-toothed comb in the tail and legs. It is necessary to remove the fur of thick-haired dogs four to five times a year with a comb cutter. If done correctly, it will not hurt at all.

Brushing long-haired puppies

Long dogs’ hair is outstanding, but it makes a lot of troubles, so it should be groomed frequently. This job can take up an hour per day. Use the comb in the direction of the hair to loosen the knots. But be careful not to harm the puppy by pulling up the hair.

It is possible to use a brush with metal bristles to remove the remains of dog hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair behind the joints.

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