Before you think of getting a goat as a pet, you should build a DIY goat shelter, because some pets, such as goats, don’t tolerate the change of place well. The shelter must be made as a protection zone, feeding area and a very good fence to keep the pet in place.

Goats are not as bad destroyers as pigs, which are notorious for destroying and escaping the best fences. So the DIY wood pallet ideas for goat shelter will be more than enough to keep the animal in the fence.

Materials needed for DIY Goat Shelter:

  • 5 pieces of 4×4 foot wooden pallets
  • Board of half-inch plywood
  • 2×4 in a wooden board
  • 4 large metal hinges
  • 6 L-shaped brackets
  • Waterproof paint

Tools needed for the DIY Goat Shelter:

  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Measuring tool (tape)
  • Sandpaper

Steps for making DIY Wood Pallet Goat Shelter

Step 1: Clean the wooden pallets.

First, you need to clean the wooden pallets from any sharp edges or any dirty spots by sandpaper. After that, you may apply base paint of your choosing to waterproof the wood.

Step 2: Build the external frame.

The second step is to construct the basic frame of the shelter, to do that, grab 2 4 by 4 wooden pallets and put them side by side to make a 90-degree angle. After that grab the large L-shaped bracket and screw it using the screwdriver in the 90-degree angle state.

This will hold the primary frame sturdy. Then take a 3 4 by 4 pallet and construct it on top of the previous two and fix it using the same L-shaped brackets. However, it’s worth to notice that goats can climb and jump as well.

Therefore, we definitely need a reinforced fence that prevents the goats from even coming up with ideas. It must be at least 4 ft.

Step 3:  Build the roof of the shelter.

Now it is the time to take another 2 pieces of wooden pallets and to build them at a right angle, and just as the same as the previous step, fix them at a right angle using the large L-Shaped brackets. You will end having an A-Shaped piece of wood. This will be the roof.

Step 4: Cover the gaps inside pallets.

Take a piece of plywood and cut it into 4 pieces equals the dimensions of the above pieces. Use screws and screwdriver to apply it over the sides of the frame and the roof. You can use some bricks or metal decorations to decorate the roof over the plywood.

Step 5: Reinforce the floor.

Take the piece of wood board and cut it into 4×4 ft. Then screw it in the floor of the pallet house.

Step 6: Join all pieces together.

Now, you take the roof and stabilize it on top of the frame by screws and nails if needed. And you will be ended having a nice and strong shelter for your goat.

View the gallery below of DIY Wood Pallet Ideas for Goat Shelter: