DIY Duck House Ideas

I love ducks. Who doesn’t? Do your pets include a water bird like ducks on your farm or in your garden? Well, its wintertime, which means ducks need additional protection from the harsh weather that will follow. In this article, we will help you make your very own DIY duck house in a few simple steps.

Materials and dimensions for DIY duck house: 

  • Pine square wood 40 x 20 mm   
  • Pine square wood 80 x 20 mm   
  • Pinewood 100 x 20 mm                
  • Pinewood 100 x 20 mm                
  • Thermosetting foam sheet         
  • Stainless steel hook for the anchor at least 150 mm
  • Pinewood panels, fixed spring 
  • Pine square wood 40 x 20 mm   
  • Pine square wood 50 x 20 mm   
  • 5 Pine square wood 40 x 40 mm     

The floating body 

Step 1: Floating Frame

For the floating frame, screw twenty square pieces horizontally at a distance of 20 mm onto two vertical square pieces (1180 mm long), so that there is a space of 800 mm between them for the foam sheet. Screw the two pine sticks (1240 x 100 mm) flush to the long sides of the grate with the top. Then the two rods (1180 x 100 mm) are screwed to the front of the bed.

Step 2: Fix Thermal Sheet

After that, place the trimmed sheet of thermosetting foam on ​​the underside in the intended position and fix it with the other two sticks from underneath. Finally, drill the hook into the solid wood from below.

The duck house 

Step 1: Inner Frame

Build the inner frame of the house, forming a cube with dimensions of 800×600 mm and height 450 mm. For the front of the panels, slide them loosely into each other, tear the roof slope (elevation outside 509 mm, height center 759 mm), and then saw off the slopes. Do the same for the back and sidewalls.

Step 2: Outer Frame

Place the prepared cube on the workbench with the front-facing you. Secondly, screw the middle, pointed panel in the middle to the two strips of the hub, flush with the lower edge of the cube. From here, the other groups are pushed in their correct position with tongue and groove and also screwed tight. Then do the same for the back. At last, saw off the four outer panels to a protrusion of 12 mm.

Step 3: Construct The Roof

Finally, open the front entrance and saw it out with a jigsaw. A 260 mm long ledge is fixed in the middle below the door. Hold the center bar for the roof (40 x 40 mm) in position and mark the angle of 122 ° on the front sides. Then, plan the sloping roof on the bar and screw it precisely and flush to the top edge between the roof tips. After that, construct the rood and attach it. 

 DIY Duck House Gallery

Shown below is a gallery of many ideas for duck houses. Have a look and hope it brings you inspiration to create your very own DIY duck houses. Have fun and quack on!