Why do you need room for puppy?

You are getting a puppy! Yey! What you should think of is the room for the puppy! However, each of us has got some vast space in the house, so why not invest some to make room for the puppy! This place will serve the bundle of joy the area to goof around and have fun. Here are ideas on how to make a room for puppy.

Sleep is sacred! 

 After a busy day of fun and joy, your puppy will need to get some time of sleep. What would be better than a bed with the view on the window! Use what you have lying around to make the bed. You may use a chair with a cushion, or some fancy box with some silky sheets. This will give your dog the quality time to rest and charge up for more fun. Some moody puppies might love to sleep in a kind of closed area. So If your puppy is that type, get him some kennel or enclosure. 

Food, the fuel of joy. 

 You need to attach your puppy with his own food reservoir, the bowl. Get him a nice and bright one. 

Considering your puppy’s activity level, a bowl holder, to support the bowl and to limit accidental food spilling. Additionally, water is a necessity; you should provide an easy to access the pot of water for your puppy, preferably to put it on the ground level. The water should still be as near the floor as possible for easy access. Use floor sheets made of plastic or wood to protect your floor from food spills and to get wet. 

Ops, he did it again!

To protect your floor from getting dirty by his things, you should think of a room with a direct way to the outside yard or garden, and if there is a door, you should install a dog doorway. If your door is too precious to damage, an inside room potty with some synthetic lawn will be more than enough to give him his personal space to do things.

Furniture for the puppy room. 

Providing a tiny sofa or rocking chair placed by the window will offer your cute puppy another place to rest and play. But be sure that you won’t be mad by the amount of hair that will be covering the sofa!

It’s entertainment time! Add some bones and toys. 

Puppies love to chew things up, so give your lovely one a bone or rubber toy to bite on, this will keep him entertained and away from harmful behaviors. 

For energetic pups, think activity objects such as tubes to get your puppy shooting into. 

Add extra fun, add a TV in room for your puppy.  

You can find some videos made especially for dogs and play that on the screen, or you might run it into some nature and animal channel. Some special music might help him calm down and chill out.

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