A challenge faced by many bird owners entails finding their precocious bird’s suitable toys. Although many great bird toys are online and can be bought in pet shops, it can be expensive to pay retail prices for toys— mainly if your bird is a big chewer and quickly loses her toys. Check out these popular household items that can be turned into cheap bird toys to cut the costs of supplying your pet with playthings. They will help keep playtime safe and enjoyable!

1. Molted Feathers

Wild birds exercise their normal preening behavior, so it is no wonder that preening toys constitute a large segment of the bird toy industry. Please create your own by saving a few molten feathers from your bird and tie them together in a cotton twine piece at the top. Place your toy in the cage of your bird to provide him with a “mate.” He will be grateful for your efforts

2. Wooden Spools

Wooden spools (obviously removing the thread) make enjoyable playthings for birds of any sizes. Some pet owners use spools to play out with their caged birds, and tanned vegetable leather special string spools on the cage door. 

You can put a wooden spool in a tablet of food dye to add a sprinkling of colour if you feel more creative. These are some of the simplest devices to string up because they already have the space for a sewing machine spindle added. Insert a plastic chain or plastic rope into your toy through the middle.

3. Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle sticks are more than just great play but can be a great way to make your pet exercise the beak and jaw muscles. Make sure every Popsicle stick you give to your bird is washed, dried and remember to remove any sticks, which seem to have bent or broken ends— birds can also get splinters. The items can be bought in plenty in malls and dollar shops. They are quite affordable, and your bird can find lots to do with them.

4. Poker Chips

Birds may have a good time playing with a plastic poker chip. They can be hung on a string, but many people like using them with their birds as a foot toy. You’ll pick it up, roll it up, chuck it into the air and kick it. Because poker chips can be tiny, you’ll always have to monitor your pet when playing. Birds who are good at chewing will choke if they are tingling off a little chip. If you find that the chips are worn out or rugged, you can replace them. It is always worthwhile to check both foot-toys and hanging toys so that they cannot eat any sharp edges or pieces of the toy.

5. Paper

A paper might seem like a boring choice for a bird toy, but many birds like to shred a beautiful piece of paper the whole day. You may cut the shapes for your pet by weaving paper strips in the cage bars or creating balls using plain paper without coloring. You can always dip the paper into the coloured food colouring and dry it to make your items more appealing if your bird looks uninspired.