Anyone with interest in design and architecture can appreciate the talented mix of new materials and lifestyle designs of the classic ranch home from medieval times. Infuse some modernism into your home, regardless of its era, by building a birdhouse to make a home for your native avian population. We have our measurements and procedures included here, but please model yours according to the architecture you like.

And don’t panic if you do not have a full woodworking toolset (we don’t have too). With any handsaw, an electric drill, and glue, you can build a birdhouse. Or perhaps you may borrow tools from a local lending tool library or have your woodworking or home-cutting workers make cuts for you.


  1. Use a pencil and drawing paper to design a simple birdhouse. Choose the final project’s size and weight.
  2. Build a “cut list” of each of your façades by listing the measurements: foundation, front, back, left wall, right wall, roof one, roof two, etc. Consider a way of accessing the interior of the room to scrub out the old nests, pests, etc. A trap door at the edge or the back tends to be the trick. The inner wall of the’ carport’ area will be a good alternative if you choose to follow our plan.
  3. Cut the size of your wood. We used birch plywood because we like the exposed edges. Soft trees such as pine and cedar are perfect when the final product has been painted.
  4. You can do any additional cuts you may want. For instance, we cut our 1/2 “sidewalls and 1/2” dados at a depth of 1/4, “where every single wall sits at the foundation. Avoid using large mechanical fasteners, including screws, when making stopped cuts. 
  5. Assemble the parts to dry-fit, test them out, and then glue the whole thing together once you’re happy.
  6. . Complete your project at your convenience. Note that it will be outdoors, and raw wood is not entirely resistant to the elements. Whatever you use, make sure the birds stay in it safely. Paint is the best way, but whatever is planned for long-term external use works, as long as you can reapply in a few seasons.
  7. We decided to set ours on freestanding, but you could hang yours on a deck or a balcony or put it on a clamp or handrail. To mount your birdhouse, screw a 1/2 “blue-black pipe tube to the bottom of the birdhouse (using pilot holes to prevent wood splitting), and connect it to a 1/2” long black pipe that is available in the hardware store or home center fitting section.

    Buy a pipe at least two feet longer than the height you like, because you need to sink it under to prevent any wobble. If you have a permanent location, it’s a good idea to dig a larger hole and fill it with a Quikrete. (Don’t be frightened, follow the package instructions).
  8. Create a favorite cocktail in a retro martini or tiki bottle, throw a bossa nova, and watch your new friends return home.