Do you love birds? Well why not turn your home into a small wildlife especially during summer or prolonged winter. You can easily do this by attracting birds in your backyard by building a bird feeder. While doing this, you don’t have to buy one as this may turn out to be very expensive. You can create your own diy bird feeder from the locally available materials. Birds feed on different types of food, so the type of species you will have will depend on what you put on the feed. Birds also like water so you can place water somewhere close to those feed.

Some of the diy bird feeder you can create is:

Glass Jar Feed

I am sure that you have those old glass jar in your home that you no longer use. Why not turn them into bird feeder. Simply tie them on strongly while facings sideways on a tree using a rope or something else and then fill them with birds feed. This type of feed will need to be cleaned every now and then to avoid moisture build up which can bring about mold.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

We all have those used bottles at our homes. These bottles can easily be turned into this feeder by putting bird seed inside and then drilling holes in which we put wooden spoons inside for the birds to feed on. On top of the spoon drill a larger hole to pour food on the spoon. This bottle it then tired to a tree.

Orange Bird Feeder

This type of a feeder is very easy to make, you only need an orange, bird seed and macramé. Cut the orange into two round circles and put bird seed inside. Then hang the feeder on a tree and make sure that you have thrown away the un eaten food in the bird feeder within a week.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine bottle feeder is more stronger than other feeders. In this type of a feeder you will need a wine bottle, wood glue, bird seed, poplar hobby board and other miscellaneous tools like a drill.

How to make a wine bottle

  1. Start by nailing poplar hobby board pieces together to the desired shape and make sure that you have a base to feed.
  2. Use the drill to drill around at the back of the bottle where the food is going to enter.
  3. Then put the bird seed inside and place the bottle facing upside down and put a hose clamp around it to make it tight.
  4. Now keep your bird feed to your desired location perhaps near the fence for the birds to feed.

Shoe Bird Feeder

Those old pairs of shoes that you no longer use can make a quite unique bird feeder. All you need is to put bird seeds inside and then keep it on top of a tree around your home.

Tea Cup Towers Bird Feeder

Just choose a place around you home and put some poles. Then Look for old tea cups and saucers. Then attach the teacups and saucers using hard glue and place them on the poles. Then put the bird feed inside those cups. You can put as many cups as you want depending with the number of birds you want to attract.