A bird bath is a basin or a trough in which birds bath in. Birds like to drink water and bath too. This bird bath helps in attracting more birds in your compound especially if you have a bird feeder. Just like people birds also endures hardship during drought so having this bird bath really helps them during this period.

Some of this bird bath might be very expensive depending on the design used.  So why not make you own choice of diy bird birth? Some of the diy bird baths designs you can make includes:

Salvage Chair DIY Bird Bath

If you have an old chair that you don’t use, why not use it during spring as planter by placing a plant saucer at the middle of it. This will not cost you much especially if you have old chairs and it will attract more birds to the bird bath as birds likes climbing.

The Hanging Bird Bath 

This kind of bird bath is very simple and cheap to make. In this kind of project all you need is an old lamp shade. Then chain the lamp and hang it on a tree or fence.

Glass Lid DIY Bird Bath

This type of bird bath are made from glass lid. Those Glass lid can be purchased from a local thrift store at a cheaper price especially if they don’t have a matching dish. Then you will have to put some chain to hang it.

Tree Stump Bird Bath

If you have an old tree stamp and a planter saucer why not try to make this type of a bird bath.  Place a planter saucer on top of that tree stump and make it stick perhaps using some glue. Put water inside the planter saucer for the birds to drink.

The Heated Bird DIY Bath

Do you live in cold places? Well why not make this type of a bird bath. Well for this type of bird bath will only requires you to purchase a heating element. Then you can use a bottom of your own choice like a cement doily for a base perhaps.

A flower Pot Bird Bath

For this type of a bird bath you can take an old flower pot and paint it to look beautiful. Then plant your favorite flowers inside the pot and then place a planter saucer at the middle of the flower pot which will be used as a bird bath.  This type of a bird bath also makes your compound to appear beautiful.

Tea pot Bird Bath

This type of bird birth is very cheap as it only requires you to have a few items like an old tea pots, tea saucer, a plate and a bowl to act as the base. The plate will be placed on the top after arranging the tea pot to act as a bird bath.

A Chip Platter Bird Bath

It is usually made of chip platter attached to PVC pipe at the bottom and a metal rod to make it stake to the ground.