Cats are very important friends. They change our everyday lives and unlike dogs, cats stay in the house. It is therefore important for them to have a place to play. Diy cat tree plans are one of the best places for cats to play.

Some of the big cat trees are usually beautiful but very expensive so while choosing one, you have to consider the size and the materials to use.Some People may seek to construct cat trees based on the locally available materials, while others look for specific materials that suit their taste and preference. Some of the materials you may use are the wooden rods, nails, screws, plastic tubing, sand paper, scissors, drill with hole cutter and wood boards. While choosing materials to build, make sure that they are firm because thou cats are small they jump by force and they can easily pull down the tower.

Height of your cat tree

While designing the cat tree you have to consider how tall or high you want you want your cat tree to be depending with the space around your home.

Sharp and rough surfaces

Cats like scratching and rubbing while climbing, so make sure that you cover any sharp corners, screws and nails that might be dangerous to the cat. While building diy cat trees plan , look for thick covers and fabric to prevent your cat from getting blisters or nasty cut.

Making the Diy cat tree plan beautiful and comfortable.

While making your cat tree you can consider adding cushions and cat bed to make it comfortable. This will not only make your cat tree a place for exploring but also a perfect place to rest. Cats also like playing so by placing toys on one of the levels can make the cat more interested in cat tree. These toys will make the cat to keep on playing on with them and also explore the tree to enrich what might be hidden under the branches. The Diy trees can also serve as point of attraction in the house based on how they are build or positioned.

We have different types of diy cat tree plans like;

Imgur Cat tree tower

This is a diy cat tree which has two platforms. One of the platforms if usually at the top, while the other one is a few feet from the bottom of the tree. It is usually carpeted to allow the cat to move up and down. This cat tree is usually 6 feet tall.

Condo Plan Diy Cat Tree

This is a cat tree plan which comprises of four platforms with three supporting beams. It is not expensive to build and it only takes like 2 hours to build.

Cat shelve Tree Plan

This are platforms without branches, but have scratchy surfaces between suitable for cats to jump freely.

Free DIY Cat Trees Plans

This cat tree plan contains three platforms which have ramps. This tree plan has an estimate cost of between 20 to 50 dollars.

Simple Kitty Tree Blue Print Plan 

It is made from plywood, power drill, sisal rope and carpet remnant. 

A Complex Tree Plan

It is costly depending with the materials you use and the decoration you place. This tree plan can cost you hundred of dollars.