Cats are known to be playful in nature and at times if you only have one cat it can seems to be very lonely. Diy cat toys can cut short this loneliness. Some of these diy toys are cheap while others are simple to make. So why not give your cat one.

In most cases you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your cat to make it happy or give it a beautiful playground. With just a few of the locally available material and within a few minutes you can build one on your own. This can be done in living room or any other room you would wish to set aside for your kitty. However when making this toys you have to first consider their size, because small toys may attract the cat in swallowing them and it can lead to them choking them. Also make sure that these toys are regularly cleaned to avoid any germs accumulation.

Knotted Ball Toys

Balls can give your cat a plenty of ways to swat and pounce. This knotted ball toys can be done by recycling old clothes and t-shirts. Making these balls is simple and less time consuming.

Knitted Mouse DIY Toy

If you are gifted in craft, you can knit a mouse like creature and then put something inside to make it strong. This will attract the cat to play with it.

Cardboard Cat Play House Toy

Cats likes playing with boxes get a cardboard and make a small house and put a door and a window for the cat to enter and play or hide inside

Catnip Sock Cat Toy

Old Sock that are not worn can be great in making this kind of toys which your cat might love pouncing and kicking it. To make this you only require these items;

  • Fiber fill
  • Scissors
  • Long Knee length socks
  • Glue
  • A small Knighting lace

These toys are easily made by cutting off the foot of the socks. Then tying one end of the sock using the lace and stuff the socks using fiber fill and cat nip by pushing the fiber fill until the sock is full. Then tie the other end and put some glue under every knot to make it strong.

Bed bag Cat Toy

This is an easy made cat toy which can make your cat very happy. This is done by cutting an old piece of cloth, then putting some dried beans or maize inside and then knit on the edges. Use it while you want to play with your cat outside.

An Ice Cube Tray Food Puzzle

This kind of toy may make your cat to eat more and all you need is an ice cube tray and then put food puzzle for your kitty to eat while playing.

A Feather and String Cat Toy

Take felt feathers and colour them using different colours then attach a bell on the edge and tie them with a string. It will be beautiful even to serve as decoration in your home.