Cats like to stand above us. Through claiming the best place in the house for a lethal ambush, they would like to explore the area and protect themselves from predators. Cat shelves are an excellent way to provide a fun activity area for your kitty without taking any floor space away. The cat will walk literally up walls for workout or get away from kids or other animals.

For many, it’s not a choice to buy a cat tree or collection of premade racks going for hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to create an affordable cat shelf.

Note: Take into account the size of your cat and the amount of space you have in the house.

Below are some essential supplies you require for your DIY Cat shelf:

  1. Wood. You can take scrap wood from old furniture or buy from a local store.
  2. A few brackets of any size fits your wood.
  3. Staples and a staple gun
  4. Power tools or manual. Clearly, power tools will do the job faster.
  5. Safety goggles.
  6. Screws and screwdriver. You will need a set which fits in your brackets and passes through the wood, but which isn’t longer than the wood so that it doesn’t slip. To attach the cat shelves to the wall, you will need a longer set.
  7. A level to fix the shelves to the wall.
  8. The shelf cover material. You can get your carpet from a hardware shop, and you could also have a shelf liner. For cats, it is also fun to use various textures for multiple shelves. 

How to build DIY cat shelves

 Phase 1: Decide on the size of the cat shelves. Mark where you can cut the wood to your desired size with a pen and cut it manually or by your power tool.

Phase 2: Place the brackets on the board’s underside. Ensure that your screws don’t spring up. Start with the short end of the bracket on the wood, leaving the wall on the longer side to bear more weight. Then either screw or drill the torches, and ensure that the torches don’t stick through the wood top again.

Phase 3: Take the cover of your shelf and make it fit to the shelf. If possible staple it on the sides but if the strips are to be used and the top stapled, make sure the top staples go right into the wood so nothing sticks out. Use a hammer to hit the staples in the wood if you have any staples sticking out.

Phase 4: Place your new cat shelf on the wall with your longer screws.

You may sand and stain the shelves, paint, or place carpet on it to spruce them up! Visit your nearby retailer to inquire if they have any carpet slices from the end of a roll and cut it into size.

You can glue or staple the carpet (carpet staple, not office staple).Grab the favorite toy of your kitty and take it up to the wall. Watch your cat spend hours enjoying herself! The limit is the wall!