These DIY cat outdoor houses are usually built outside the house or in the backyard. While making these houses you have to consider the climate changes. Some of the outdoor cat House ideas includes:

Warm Cat House

This type of a house is ideal for cats during winter season because it has amounted rope light inside to regulate heat.

Outdoor Cat House for Stray Cats

This type of house is usually constructed outside to accommodate stray cats especially in dry and warm weather.

Plastic Igloo Shelter

This is a kennel made of plastic. It has a wide door thus making it not secure from preditors and strong wind.

Gallon Plastic Tub Cat Shelter

It is easy to build and transport one. This cat shelter can be made from old gallon that are not in use. This type of shelter is usually light thus providing less protection from other harmful animals.

Plastic Cooler Shelter

This type of shelter is cheap and suitable for use especially in cold season.

Faux Hedge Shelter

This type of a house can accommodate more than one cat. It is usually easily to construct and also cheap while purchasing one. It is not suitable cold weather.

K & H Outdoor Heated Cat House

This type of a house is ideal for winter season since it has a heated floor pad. It is usually easy to assemble one and it has a waterproof backing however it has a large door opening makes it not secure.

Feral Cat House

It is usually small and cannot accommodate one cat inside. However this type of house is weather proof and can accommodate cats in all the weather conditions. It is made from rubber maid.

Wooden Cat House Plan

It is simple and easy to build. Some of the items you may use to build includes a tape measure, hammer, sander screw drive, safety glasses and wood. It is more secure as compared to the rest.

Heated Igloo Shelter

This type of house is usually built on cold places. It has a sty cooler which has a heating pad which makes it warm when it is cold.

Modern Cat House

It is more beautiful and spacious compared to some of the houses. It can be built both indoor and outdoor.

Bookshelves Cat House

This type of a house may look like a cat tree. It has several book shelves and forms a stairway up to a box for the cat to climb.

Cardboard Cat House

This type of a house is made from simple cardboard. It is usually cheap and stylish. You only need a knife to cut each layer.

Weather Protected Outdoor Cat House

This type of cat house is made specifically for winter season. It is ideal people who live in cold places.

Ark Workshop outdoor cat shelter

This is a wooden type of a house that is spacious and large which offers the cat a playing area. It has two exit flapped door and a riser.