Despite cats being the pets that are close to human being. They also need a place to rest . Diy cat houses are one of the perfect resting places you can give to your cat.  Cats can behave quite weird at times when you try to offer them expensive houses all to find them sleeping on our beds  or even being interested in empty boxes which they might find comfortable. Cats need warm places to sleep or rest, so building  a nice diy cat house on your own might be convenient to cut the cost and you will only need very little time to make one since you already know what your cat likes. There are many cat houses you can build, but those that are commonly built are the following;

A crocheted DIY Cat House

If you happens to have some knowledge in crocheting you may put it into practice by crocheting kitty house. This type of a house is quite cheap since you don’t need a lot of things like the paint, glue or even nail to make one but you can put some wire surrounding once you are through with making it to make it firm.

DIY Imac Cat Bed

This kind of a bed is made from old computers mostly those that were in use long time ago. This kind of a bed is easy to make because you just have to remove what is inside, then put the empty shell together and put a pillow inside for you cat to sit on.

DIY Cardboard House

Cardboard box can serve well while making a house. It cheap while making it because all you need is a box cutter, a ruler perhaps, paint, tape, hot glue gun, craft and a paint brush. A card board house looks more traditionally and an embellishments for decoration. It is easy to make and you can do it in less than an hour since all you need is to do away with one of the longer flaps of the cardboard, then cut windows and door spaces then decorate it with your favorite paint.

DIY Cat bunk Suitcase Beds

This type of bed can serve as a cat tree and a bed as well if well placed, however wooden suitcase are more advisable because of their stability. This bed is mostly preferred by people who have more than one cat. They are easy to make because they only require a few materials to make like the wooden box, nuts and bolts. Once you are through with making it you can place a blanket and a pillow inside to make it warm.

A Blanket Cat teepee

This type of a house is simple and cheap to make. It requires you to have a few things which are around the house like an old blanket, twine, safety pins and five dowels. First you need to structure the dowels then tie them with twine and fold blanket to cover the whole area and place a small piece at the bottom to serve as floor.

Cats DIY Book Shelves House

If you make several shelves together, they can act as a stair way. Cats like jumping and so they can be attracted to them. These shelves can act as cat tree plan also it well placed.