Dogs like to play just like cats. Purchasing these toys might seem quite expensive, but there are a lot of DIY dog toys that you can make on your own and without consuming a lot of your time and resources too. Here are some of the easy DIY toys that you can make.

Flirt Pole Diy

This is good for exercise, especially when you want to play with your dog. If you have a PVC pipe that is not in use, a rope and an empty bottle or even a stuffed toy to use as prey with that you can now make your toy. Thread your rope through the PVC and make a knot on one end to make it tight. Then tie the prey on the other end and your toy is now complete.

Rope and Tennis Ball Toy

If you love playing tug with your dog this is a perfect toy for it. It is easy to make since you only need a rope and a tennis ball. Then drill a hole on both sides of that ball, pass the rope on the center of the rope then tie it to make it strong.

Rope Ball Dog Toy

This is an easily made toy since you only need a sisal rope. Then twist the rope to make a ball of your desired shape. This kind of toy might be dangerous to dogs who like to chew. Make sure that you have a close glance at your dog while playing with it to avoid choking.

Denim DIY Dog Toy

If you have some old jeans that you are not wearing, you can use them to make these toys. You only need to make knots on these cutoffs.

DIY Feeder Toy

This food toy will keep your dog’s mind occupied as it feed too. Most dogs are easily attracted to this because they want to remove the food inside and it keeps their mind occupied for some time.

DIY Bottle Toys

If you have plastic bottles around your home and an old piece of cloth, well why not make simple bottle toy for your dog. Just wrap the old piece of fabric around your plastic bottle. Then cut the ends intro trips and then you braid them together. The dog will enjoy the sound coming from the bottle when it chews it.

Old Gloves DIY dog toys

If you have old gloves or one gloves which is mismatched, try to make this type of toy with it. It is easily made by putting dog’s the treat in the fingers of old gloves.

T-shirt Dog Rope Toy

In this type of toy, you only need a couple of old and worn out t-shirt and make a dog rope. Arrange the t-shirt in different colors and tie a knot at each end to make it tight.

Sweet potato chew Toy

Dogs like sweet potatoes, so they might enjoy playing while feeding on this toy. Dry some sweet potatoes, then just tie it on a sturdy rope, and then feed the dog.

DIY Tennis Ball Dog Toy

If you have an old muffin tin and some tennis balls then you are good to go. Just fill the holes in the muffin tin with the balls and allow the dog to pick out the balls and this will keep their mind occupied for quite sometimes.

DIY Chew Ring Toy

This toy is made from a strong rope. Just braid the rope and knot to form a ring. The dog might be attracted to its shape and love to play with it.