Dogs kennel are ideal for dogs security while you are away or even indoor .Dogs also need places to rest and relax at times just as human do. You can decide to purchase one from the stores which might be very expensive at times.  However there those kennel that you can easily built on your own and still server you right. Some of the kennel options you can give to your dog for security are;

Large Wood pet Crate Kennel

 This kennel is made of wood frame with lattice wire panels windows. It is usually comfortable and stylish. It can accommodate a medium mattress inside for your dog to rest inside.

Wooden Dog Kennel

This is an outdoor plan that is easy and attractive. Some of the items you may need to make one include; a hammer, tape measure, framing square, level, miter, saw, screwdriver, sander, safety glasses and gloves.

DIY Dog Crate Hack

This type of a house is constructed from a basic table with a flat top using a curtain on the tension rod.

It is safe and secure for an indoor dog.

The Kitten Dog Crate

This house is built in the kitchen and only tension rod is added to the kitchen cabinets to make it a Kitchen Island.

Indoor Double Dog Kennel

It is build inside the house and it has ample space for multiple dogs.

The Wooden Pet Gate

This just a simple temporary gate built inside a house for little dogs, you can build this diy pet gate to keep it secure while you are away especially for dogs who feel lonely when they are alone. It is pocket friendly because only little materials are used to make this.

DIY Collapsible Dog Crate

This is a small kennel house that is portable and also which is ideal for dogs that are in separation mood.

Slipcover Dog Crate Disguise

This type of house is build from sleep covers. It does not cost much and it still makes a place to look beautiful.

Built-in Dog Kennel

This type of a house is built on a stairwell. It is a perfect place to live your puppy while you are away. It does not occupy a lot of space in the house. Only little materials are needed to build this and also the dog act as a watch dog in the house.

Tropical Dog House

This type of house is ideal for people who live near the beach or for people who love travelling. It is suitable for medium size dog or large dogs. It has an outdoor part for the dog to bask or even breathe fresh air. 

Fancy Indoor dog Kennel

This type of Kennel is suitable for large dogs. It’s sides are made of rebar. This kennel also serves as a home décor. It is nice for dogs which have separation anxiety.

Dog Kennel furniture

This is a dog kennel that can fit in every house. It is stylish and comfortable for dog. It makes a room to smart and elegant.