Dogs need a resting place too and it is nice to give your dog a nice place that it deserves. There are a lot of dog house plan that you can choose depending on your budget .  However you don’t have to build and expensive house or use expensive things to build one. You can do this using the used or an used wood around your compound.

Mobile DIY Dog House

This is a portable house which you can carry even in your car whenever you need to travel with your dog.  This type of a house is ideal for a small or a medium sized dog. This type of house resembles a small house, which make it attractive. It has a modern design that can well fit in some home décor.

Geometric Dog House

This type of house is ideal for small dogs. It looks like an open box from a distance .Dogs enjoy playing and sleeping inside. It is ideal for both indoor or backyard dogs.

A Cottage Style Dog House

This type of house has a cottage house style. It is usually not easy to make one. It has enough space for the dog to play inside and it is even beautiful being in your yard.

Insulated Dog House

These houses are warm and suitable for dogs during winter season or colder climate. While constructing this house, make sure you consider the dimension depending with the size of the dog. It has an A- frame design which is unique as compared to the rest.

DIY Dog Palace with a deck

This dog house is pretty is mostly ideal for small to big dogs. It is perfect for a dog to hang outside or sleep in the upper deck to take fresh air.

Modern Dog House Style

This dog house is beautiful because it looks like a tiny house. It is suitable for a small or medium size dog.  In case you have a large dog you will have to consider it’s dimension.

Dog House with a porch

This is dog house is very simple to build and it is also comfortable. It is ideal for dogs of all sizes. It is spacious and it offers a dog plenty of space to play. It offers your dog option of staying inside while cold and basking outside while the weather is warm.

Double Dog House

This is ideal house for two dogs. It offer each one of them it’s own space. It does not consume a lot of space like building two houses for two dogs.

Dog Tree House

The house is ideal for smaller dogs which are most like cats who likes climbing up high. This house has a ramp which attract dogs look higher. Larger dogs might not like it because of it being above the ground.

Crooked Dog House

This type of a house looks like a cartoon house. It is beautiful even in your yard and it is suitable for any large or medium sized dog.