Does your dog’s bed look lumpy and chewy a little lately? Why not make your own instead of buying a new dog bed? A homemade bed for your dog is a good way to show how much you love your favorite dog— and save money too. Moreover, you can be creative by upgrading everything to make your pooch a perfect bed, from old furniture to T-shirts.

Some Assembly Needed

Dogs come in several sizes, so first you can measure the old bed to see how much room you need. You can also look at his favorite ways of relaxing. You got a huge husky who sleeps in a small ball? He might like a more cozy room. Does your beagle stretch out? Maybe a larger cushion is required than you imagined.

A big pillow is the simplest DIY bed for dogs, which can be cut into two big fabrics and sewed on three sides. A large recycled cushion is made from one or two old fleece blankets. Choose a stuffing which is safe and comfortable for your dog before stitching up the fourth side.

Stuffing Options for a DIY Dog Bed

While you want your DIY dog bed to look fine, you expect it to be the ultimate comfort for your canine friend, so it is very necessary for you to stuff. You have many choices, but you want to take into account issues like joint and mobility problems, cleaning and chewing and digging before taking your decision.

Here are five top stuffing choices:

  • Fiberfills are an inexpensive and comfortable alternative, but keep in mind that they compact with the time and do not wash well. 
  • Memory foam can be a good choice for a dog with arthritis or who loves a firmer surface. Small, bony dogs, such as greyhounds, might also need a thicker bed for comfortable joints.
  • Timber chips can withstand stinky scent of dog but can create a great mess if your animal tries to eat up his new bed. You’ll also need a fabric sturdy enough to cover the chips and make it difficult for your dog to use the bed.
  • Old towels, t-shirts, sheets and blankets make filler perfect when cut into strips. You will save lots of money and reduce materials on your trash bin. Win – win!-Win – win!
  • The simplest filling is possible with a bed pillow, with the added benefit of being cleaned easily. Similar to people, dogs may like some kind of pillow and try to find the one that the dog likes best.

Small Dogs: No-Sew Options

Take an old sweat-shirt and turn into an egg-bed for a little pooch: first, remove sleeves from the body with a hot glue line inside. Then put a pillow in the main portion of the chest. Then create a simple string in the neck and tail to tie it to the long rectangle of the arms and fill it with fibers. Eventually, place the arms around the primary pillow and use the glue or an iron-on adhesive to “doughnut” them together.

Big Dogs: Refurbishing Old Furniture

So you have an old dresser that takes room in an attic or storeroom? Think of giving your dog a new life retreat! Begin by removing the cupboards and cutting out the dresser front frame. Any heavy screws, bolts, and bits of plastic or wood from within should also be removed. When all is done, you can make a comfortable bed for your four-legged friend.