A terrarium is an enclosed plant in a reptile cage. While choosing a reptile terrarium you will have consider a number of factors like the species you want to rare because each one of the have a different taste depending on environment it is found.  For example if you want a pet snake you will need to use a snake plant. Another factor you will need to address also is getting to know whether that plant will survive in that condition. Some pets also likes to climb and to hang on trees like the chameleon and the snake. They will end up uprooting or damaging the plant so they have to be strongly placed.

Another factor you will have to put into consideration is weather the plant is editable or non toxic substance. Though most of amphibian and reptiles do not feed on plant, they might chew the leaves especially when they are hungry or even get into contact with their bodies or eyes. This will can result in positioning of the animal or skin irritatation or eyes problem if the pet eyes got into contact with them.


While setting up this terrarium you will have to consider the future growth of both the pet and the plant as this will result in the pet having bad health.

Materials and experience needed.

While put up this type of structures, you will have to make sure that the materials needed are easily accessible and they are pocket friend. Also you will have to think about if you will need any experience or a second hand while doing it.


These plants will add decoration to the cage. If you have set up a fish aquarium and it is inside the house, it will change both your house arrangement and decoration. Set up a beautiful aquarium will add the look in the house.

As we have said that this terrarium will largely depend on where the plant was inhabited. A good example is a desert terrarium need to have plants like the aloe Vera, Albuca circinata, Sansevieria and Senecio Citri forms. This is especial for pets which are mostly found in the desert. While setting up to consider whether the pet will need  water because some pets will feed from water in a dish while other like a snake will tend to collect dew drops from their bodies and drink.

Some terrarium is place for animals that live in dry land and some in water like the fish. This type of pet also will need to be check on and these animals have their own behavior and also the feeding and their movement is different from others. You can also put some insect for the animal to feed on.

While doing all this you will have to consider the happiness of the pet as this will increase their happiness.  Some are always lonely and most the time you will find being attracted to it and discovering what is inside.