A reptile fogger is a reptile house or shelter and it can also be termed as mister reptile room. Most reptiles like staying in higher humidity area. Those people who stay in hot and dry areas may find it necessary to construct  a cheap diy fogger which might be quite pocket friendly to solve this solution.

These diy fogger are designed depending on:

  • Where you want to keep them 
  • The number of reptile you want to keep
  • How you are going to clean the house.  This type of house is usually cleaned using vinegar mixed with hot water as vinegar will act as natural fungicide.
  • Whether your pet like staying on a dry area or in water.
  • The type of reptile you want to rare.  If it is a snake off course you will need strong doors for other animals like a chameleon you can just use a sliding door.
  • Another thing that you will need to consider is the materials to use depending on your reptile pet.
  • You will also need to think of which is the perfect place to put your door like you can put it on top or sides.
  • Behavior of the pet, for example snakes and frogs will need water. Other pet as well might not need to stay in place where there is water.

After putting all those things into consideration, now you will need to set up a plan and can do this by drawing or sketching using a pencil and a ruler. This will save you from buying excessive materials and wastage too. Finally make a list of the things you are going to purchase. This helps you to avoid delays and also to compare the prices before you even think of purchasing one.

While building this, you will have to look of ways to keep the humidity up.  One of the perfect solution is to this is to secure an ultrasonic cooling mist humidifier. You can shop for this in different places like craigslist or Amazon from as littles as $20. However the set up of this humidifier will vary in different enclosures depending on where you have place your enclosure and the reptile pet that you are raring.

One of the easiest humidifier that you can make at home is a ultrasonic humidifier which can even cost you less than $10 . Some of the materials you can use are

  • A computer fan
  • A plastic bottle and a tape
  • Power supply and a ultrasonic mist module
  • A female Dc connector plug

All you need to put up this structure is to get a plastic bottle and cut a hole to insert the ultra sonic module. Then you attach the fan into the bottle using a glue. Then connect it to the source of power.

While doing all this make sure you are going to make your pet as happy as possible as this is the main purpose of all this.