Most rabbit owners are amazed to learn how playful their pets are. The majority of rabbits will enjoy a variety of fun and easy toys like a cardboard box or a soft towel roll.

Toys help you physically keep your rabbit active and stop boredom. A dull rabbit may become more destructive or even depressed, overweight, or worse. Without toys, your rabbit can turn to your furniture and other things as chew toys or even dangerous stuff like power cables. Try a range of toys to find out what your rabbit is enjoying and keep providing new toys regularly.

Although a good selection of toys helps keep your rabbit away from the things that you don’t want them to chew on, the toys that you provide must also be safe. If your rabbit wants to eat one kind of toy (for instance, plastic, carton, etc.), try to switch to another to avoid problems. Check for soft rubber products or plastic parts that may be ingested and cause gastrointestinal or blockage issues and ensure that your rabbit doesn’t ingest shredding paper and cardboard.

Rabbit Toy Ideas

An enormous number of items will make good rabbit toys, although they might not be sold in shops as rabbit toys. Some things make rabbit-toys around the house. Be inventive and look out how your rabbit likes to play, and you may even find something you don’t know can be a toy. 

Make sure that your rabbit’s supplies are secure if you consider other things out of this list:

  • Paper bags of a variety of sizes
  • Closed Cardboard boxes with two or three rabbit sizes entrance holes cut from the insides.
  • Unprocessed wicker bags or wicker products such as the rolling tube and the ball for cats.
  • Solid, plastic cat balls with a bell inside, but don’t let your bunny chew or swallow plastic.
  • Ward toys such as chains, ties, buttons, rolls, etc. 
  • Towel and paper towel rolls or carton tubes
  • Cardboard concrete forms and wide PVC tubes, but make sure your bunny won’t get trapped in them.
  • Small wheezed blankets, straw balls (for additional enjoyment and hamster homes, fun when filled with timothy hay).
  • New box of shredded paper, ideally without any tint Natural branches of raw apple trees.
  • Dry pine cones
  • Big rubber balls
  • Bird toys and bells
  • Condos (shorter condos), tunnels and decks

Advantages of Providing Rabbit Toys

Enrichment is a word used to describe animal thought behaviors. A mentally relaxed rabbit is a good rabbit and a happy bunny is usually a healthy bunny. That’s why your rabbit needs enrichment.

A range of toys that make your bunny collect objects, crawl into and over them, and use the brain to get inside secret treatments, are easy and fun for enriching. A maze made of bags, egg cacti with delicacies, and wicker balls made from the hay are all easy choices to delight your rabbit. You will have a binkying bunny every day by being creative and by watching your rabbit play and rotating toy choices.