These types of house are usually built outdoor. Unlike the cage, these houses have to be built on permanent terms because the rabbits are more exposed to so many dangers like the bad weather conditions and the predators. These types of houses are mostly built of wire, timber and lumber. Most their roofs are made of solid detachable items which makes it easy for them to be cleaned.

The type of design you want to build your hutch really matters a lot depending on the location you are in. If you live in cold places whereby you have ice falling during winter season, you will have to consider about the type of roofing.

Most of these hutches are either single level or even double level. The  double level are usually enclosed  with wire for protection and also offer a rabbit a perfect place to play while still basking for the sun without it  being  directly exposed to the sun.

Some of the Best Diy rabbit hutch includes:

Multi –cage Hutch

It offers a house for more than one rabbit. However due to them being close to one another, they can easily spread diseases so you have to keep on checking them quite often. This type of cage occupies a lot of space thou they are cheap and simple to make.


This type of hutch is pocket friendly thou it is not secure and when the sun is very hot you will need to on relocating the rabbits.

DIY Rabbit Hutch

This type of a hutch is simple to build and more secure as compared some of the hutches. It has a wood finishing and a tin roof that protect the rabbit from the sunrays and heavy rains.

All Wire Rabbit Cage

It is an open hutch that does not require a lot of material to construct and it is easy to clean. It is not secure for your rabbit especially if you live in an open place.

Basic DIY Hutch

This type of a Hutch is made of a box sitting on legs which keep the rabbits safe from the predators because it is above the ground. It is cheap and easy to construct since it does not require a lot of material to make one. It has a wire on its side which allows the rabbit to breathe fresh air and also give it space to view outside. It has a place for the rabbit to feed and take water and enclosed place for it to breed and hide from predators.

Two Floors wooden Rabbit out door Hutch

It is spacious and it can accommodate 2-3 rabbits. It has two floors and the ground floor is very large which offers a rabbit a plenty of space to play. This type of hutch is safe for rabbit because it built of wooden frames and very tight iron wire mesh. It is easily cleaned due to the presence of pull out trays.