If you have picky rabbits who reject hay feeders purchased from your store, a DIY project suits all your needs. Look at the remaining rolls of toilet paper and find a unique perspective to turn it in a toy-like hay feeder. Cardboard boxes are among the items which can be used to make a pretty hay box.

You should develop ideas and turn them into a tangible thing before choosing materials. You can give your pets something new once in a while, making DIY hay racks attractive.

Outdoor racks

  • Most rabbit owners prefer releasing their pets from their cages. This is when an outdoor hay feeder is required. Typically the item is a hutch or a small shelter.
  • The rabbit hay feeder and the litter box are often combined.
  • The rack can be even more flexible with the handmade project
  • If you don’t trust your imagination, we will introduce you in a moment.

Hay feeder with litter box

  • The rabbits do not know hygiene, but you want to keep them clean.
  • Many rabbit hay racks integrate the box of litters as they defecate while eating.
  • The feeder type is placed just above the litter box. The hay may fall down and become contaminated.
  • You have to change the litter regularly with this type of rack.

What do you look out for in a hay feeder?

Whether it is a DIY or a purchased hay bin, you should be careful with criteria.


  • You won’t put the feeder into the cage and throw it away the following day
  • Choose the items that provide your pet with durable material that is still healthy.
  • If they do not like hays with a metal rack, they would probably do a sport which will vandalize them.
  • The high-quality wire keeps the rack from tearing apart. 


  • Wide exits enable your rabbits to pull out the hay without eating. That may lead to the loss of grass. Therefore, you want to have adequate spacing so that your rodents make an effort when they feed.
  • Do not let your rabbits contaminate the hay as it costs money with an advanced feeder.
  • You can save a significant amount of hay in this way.


  • Bunnies Grow. Which means that for an adult bunny, you can’t use baby feeders.
  • Even if a rabbit doesn’t eat hay all the time, you want to make sure that the rack is filled as required.
  • When you are away on holiday, this is significant. The right feeder will continue to feed until the last hay.
  • But don’t add a big rack that endangers your rabbits.

How will you benefit from a hay rack?

There are numerous reasons why your bunny should have a hay feeder. To begin with, a hay rack keeps the hay off anything dirty on the floor. Pollutants may include faeces, faecal matter, waste and any non-hygienic elements.

Secondly, your energetic chewers don’t clean up all the hay mess spread. There’s a hay rack where it should be. You want to reduce waste at the very least because it costs money to buy hay.