Rabbit are very important domestic animals because  they serve as pets to our growing kids . Most people also consider them as part of the family and that is why they prefer building a cage for them to have a much closer look on them. Buying for them those cage might be very expensive so why not construct your own diy rabbit cage for yourself.

While building this cage you will have to put into consideration the following factors:


While put up this cage. First consider the size of the cage and also the available space within your home. The size may also vary depending on the number of rabbits you want to rare.


Cost can also be a hindrance while building a cage.  You will have put into consideration materials that you can easily afford and still looks pretty inside your home.


Some of this cage is not simple to construct and they will require you to have a lot of experience, so think of a structure that you can easily built without seeking any assistance.


These houses are made inside and therefore they have to appear beautiful as this would make your house look untidy. The cage also must be built in away it allows the rabbit to breathe fresh air and it can access the source of light.

We have different types of this diy rabbit cage that includes:

Portable Rolling Hutch DIY

This is a portable type of a hutch which has wheels which makes it look like a wheelbarrow . It is easy to build and it does not require a lot of lumber to build. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

Simple DIY Cage

This type of rabbit houses are easy to build and are not suitable for outdoor since they are not strong.

Simple Wire Storage Cube Bunny Condo

This is an indoor rabbit hutch which takes only little time to make . It is cheaper to make too since it only requires you to have a few wire storage cubes. It is only suitable for indoor rabbits.

Up cycled Dresser Bunny Rabbit Hutch

This type of a house only requires you to have those old clothes that are not in use and some few wood frames to make it strong.

Indoor Diy Rabbit Cage

This type of a house is spacious and beautiful too while inside a house. It can hold more than one rabbit inside and it is also easy to clean it.

Diy PVC Ripe Rabbit Cage

This type of a house is very simple to make and it does not require you to have a lot of experience while making one. It is ideal for a more spacious house and multiple rabbits. PVC pipes are used as base then you do your own caging. This type of a house in only suitable for indoor purpose. It is needs to be cleaned more often because of multiple rabbits inside.