Who hates eating healthy? No one, not even pets. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumber? Healthy food is associated with good health and prolonged life. I’m sure cavies also adore sweet, juicy, tasty, and crunchy foods. They have a pleasant flavor that pets and people enjoy all along. The list of delicious ingredients is big, but we are interested in cucumber. Cucumber is available in many countries of the world from ancient years. It is among the popular veggies grown today.

Can guinea pigs eat cucumber? Yes, it is safe to feed cucumbers to these pretty furry pets. Piggies love cucumbers much. It is a favorite vegetable to them. Though, cucumbers supply limited nutrients, unlike other ingredients like carrots. Hence, give only a few cucumbers to the guinea pigs, it’s not the main diet anyway. All parts of cucumber are edible to the pigs, including seeds, flesh, and skin. Below are five reasons why you should not escape giving cucumber to the piggies.

5 Impressive Benefits of Cucumber to Guinea Pigs

Cucumber is a perfect choice snack for your pet due to its refreshing flavor and more. It is a multi-nutrient vegetable that consists of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, water, low sugar and calories. However, the levels of the nutrients are not very high but have enormous impacts. 

Hydrates the Body

The significant component in cucumbers is water at 95%, which has higher nutritional benefits compared to ordinary water. Almost all parts of the body depend on water to conduct essential functions. It is crucial for your pet’s health. The water in the body comes from regular water and food. Cucumbers play a significant role in keeping the body hydrated because of a lot of water present. Sufficient water is needed in the body to replace losses through bowel movement and urination. Keep your pet hydrated with cucumbers!

Cooling Effect to the Body

When the weather is hot, animals respond in various ways as they try to cool themselves. Heat subjects stress to guinea pigs like in other animals, and water is lost during sweating. The water in the body helps to maintain the blood temperature; thus, it is essential to have an adequate amount at all times. Water from cucumber is absorbed in the body and cools the blood in hot environments.

Encourage Nutrient Absorption

The inclusion of cucumbers to staple food is essential. The water will aid in breaking down the food and dissolve nutrients. The body then absorbs nutrients quickly and distributes them to different parts of the body.

Health Benefit

The presence of magnesium and potassium in cucumber maintains normal blood pressure. Vitamin A, B, and C are vital elements to the body; in that, their multiple functions contribute to good health and boost immunity. The skin of the cucumber is also a good source of Vitamin C. Make use of them too.

Weight Loss

The provision of more water in the body, especially when dieting, helps in losing body fat and weight. Having water as the main component, I’m confident that cucumbers participate in assisting the body to lose excess weight.

How to Prepare Cucumber for your Guinea Pig

I would recommend you, first to put the cucumbers in warm water, guineas seem to enjoy it more when in such a state. If you dispose of whole cucumbers to the piggies, they will not hesitate to grab it. The size is too big, and can make them choke. It may not be the right choice also because your pet will eat the skin and leave the flesh, which is also nutritious.

The best thing to do is to ensure that the veggie is well prepared. Ensure you purchase or harvest fresh vegetables, wash them thoroughly with clean water. Slice the cucumber into cubic pieces, every part is essential. It is now ready to be fed.

A point to note is that cucumbers tend to absorb pesticides during spraying. Traces of the chemical are likely to be present in the flesh, even upon harvesting. Therefore, keep in mind that for any purchased cucumber from groceries, you are not aware whether it is organically grown or not. Soak them first in the vinegar solution for at least 15minutes, then use clean water to wash them. Organic cucumbers are not contaminated.

 Serving Size

Again, cucumber is favorite to guinea pigs, serve it with other feeds. But they don’t have sufficient nutrients, and if guineas consume excess amount will suffer from stomach upset and diarrhea. You must provide very few cucumbers to avoid such conditions from developing. Two or three pieces are enough for your pet; you are only supplementing. An occasional feeding of these veggies is mandatory; twice in a week is better. Fruits and vegetables used in the right amounts make a healthy diet and boosts immunity.

Be sure when you use the proper measures of cucumber in your cavy diet, it will be of benefit. Too much of cucumbers are poisonous, and they can cause bloat because of the much water they contain. You can’t afford to lose your gorgeous pet. Treat it well.

Can guinea pigs eat cucumber?

Now you know, cucumbers are pleasant snacks for these friendly and admirable pets. They enjoy every piece of cucumber. Nevertheless, cucumber juice is harmful to the guineas; it brings stomach problems and can make your pet sick. The water requirement in the body of animals is high, so do guinea pigs. Ensure you provide to them water at free choice. It is imperative.

Cucumbers are good for supplementation. They are not very high in nutrition; hence cannot be used as the primary food. But they are a fantastic addition to the diet. Cucumbers are unique; they are useful and appreciated by humans and animals. Now it is clear why cucumbers are a superfood. They give promising impacts. Good health is profound. Even pets enjoy staying healthy. Don’t just enjoy the company of your pet alone, make them happy too. Give them what they love, their health is of paramount importance.