Guinea pigs are small and fragile animals. They are not able to eat a lot of food, and they can easily over eat. That is why it’s very reasonable to worry about what to feed your guinea pig and what not to. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery And Other Common Vegetables?

Before starting, you should know that guinea pigs are herbivorous animals. That means they should be perfectly fine eating most of the plant-based foods. Although all the fruits and vegetables have something to offer, most of them can be dangerous because these are very tiny creatures.

So, can guinea pigs eat celery? In short, yes. However, the answer is not that simple. There are many things that you may need to know. Since you might have to look at other blogs to find more things your guinea pig can eat, there is some information on other common vegetables below to make things easier for you.

Things You Need To Consider Before Feeding Celery

Before you consider feeding your guinea pig celery, you should remember that these are very picky animals. You can’t simply throw in a stalk of celery and expect your pet to eat it. You might have to hand feed at first, to see whether it’s in your guinea pig’s interest or not. It may take some time before they used to it.

You should not give an entire stalk to your cavy friend. But instead, you should cut the celery stalk into smaller pieces and then try feeding. The reason is that they might find it challenging to chew properly on the entire stalk, which can make them choke on the vegetable.

Benefits of Feeding Celery to Your Guinea Pig

Can Improve the Cardiovascular System

Celery has many essential vitamins for your guinea pig. These vitamins can improve the heart’s functions in your pet. Allowing your furry friend to live healthier and longer.

Can Help the Digestive Tract

Guinea pigs usually have plenty of problems with their digestive tract, which is why you need to feed them foods that can help with those issues. Since celery has plenty of fiber, it is excellent in improving digestion.

Can Prevent Inflammation

Celery has been known to have apigenin. This substance helps prevent inflammation in guinea pigs.

Can Reduce Blood Pressure

To maintain a healthy life, normal blood pressure is very important. Celery can help keep the blood pressure regular in your guinea pig.

Prevents Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are very common in guinea pigs. They suffer from them because of an imbalance in their bodies. Giving them celery can help prevent these horrible occurrences.

Risks That You Should Know About

Even though celery is a great vegetable, it does have some adverse effects on guinea pigs. That is why it would be best if you looked over the risks before feeding celery to your cavy friend.

Has High Sodium Levels

Celery has a very high level of sodium, like many other vegetables. The high sodium content can prove to be very harmful to your furry little friend.

Your Pet Might Be Allergic

Many guinea pigs have unusual allergies that their owners aren’t aware of. If you haven’t tried giving celery to yours yet, then it would be wise to be very careful. If there are any signs that your guinea pig is allergic, then stop feeding immediately and give water instead. If the situation gets worse, go to a vet.

What Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Other than celery, you may be wondering what else you can feed your pet. In that case, you should stick to giving pellets, grass hay, and freshwater regularly. These are the best foods to give your guinea pig. However, you should always try to be diverse in your pet’s diet.

You can feed a wide range of fruits and vegetables. But be very careful, as some fruits may have high sugar content, seeds, and many other things that can cause problems for your guinea pig. If you are wondering about other vegetables, details on the two most commonly asked are given below.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Cucumbers are a very safe vegetable for your guinea pig. Even though they don’t have a high nutritional value, your furry little friend might love them because cucumbers are incredibly refreshing during the hot weather. However, you should be cautious when feeding cucumbers. Cut it into very thin slices or make them into cubes. You should also leave on the skin and seeds.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Lettuce?

You need to keep in mind that there is more than one type of lettuce. While some can be bad, others might be good.

Iceberg lettuce is one of the worst types that you can feed your guinea pig. It contains minimal nutrients and is mostly water. That will only cause your guinea pig to get bloated if you feed too much of it.

Romaine lettuce is actually quite beneficial for your guinea pig. It has less calcium, which can prevent your pet from experiencing bladder stones. It also has high vitamin C, which is essential for guinea pigs.

Green leaf lettuce is in between iceberg and romaine. Even though it has some benefits, you should avoid offering it to your guinea pig in substantial amounts.


So, can guinea pigs eat celery? Yes, they can. Most of them even love to eat the vegetable. However, you have to remember to only feed them a small amount.

It goes without saying, you should only feed fresh food to your guinea pig. Celery should have a crisp appearance, and it shouldn’t be challenging to pull it apart. Avoid getting stalks that have yellow or brown leaves. You should only get bright green celery.

When you are trying to introduce it into your pet’s diet, be very patent and start off with small quantities. If your cavy buddy starts to show any unusual reactions to the celery, then stop feeding immediately. Your guinea pig might be allergic, or could be experiencing digestive problems. By following these guidelines, you can keep your guinea pig safe and healthy.