Cabbage is a highly nutritious vegetable that is filled with vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, Iron, carbohydrates, and protein. Human beings eat cabbage mainly because of this nutritional content. And many pet owners would also consider feeding it to their pets, can guinea pigs eat cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs love to eat cabbage and they need supplementation of this vegetable in their diet for minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. With cabbage intake, your guinea pig will remain healthy and mentally active. The nutritional content of cabbage helps to prevent disease in your pet.

Your pet should, however, be fed on cabbage with moderation because eating too much cabbage can cause flatulence, blood clot problems, and digestive system problems.

To select the right vegetable, let’s discuss further how the cabbage can be served best to your guinea pigs.

Is Cabbage Safe For Guinea Pigs?

There are various types of cabbage, the green cabbage, the red cabbage the white cabbage and the purple cabbage. The green cabbage is more popular and easily available and is filled with good nutrients for the guinea pig.

The red and purple cabbages are more nutritious compared to the green cabbage. Any of the three types of cabbages can be eaten by the guinea pigs because all provide the required nutritional supplements. Pet owners can give any type of cabbage to the guinea pigs subject to availability, though I do recommend the purple or the red one more.

And back to our question is cabbage safe for guinea pigs? Yes, cabbage is safe for the guinea pigs. It has minerals and vitamins that promote good health in guinea pigs and also prevent diseases.

Guinea pigs should, however, be fed moderately on cabbages to avoid digestive problems like diarrhea and flatulence. Vitamin K nutrients in cabbages also lead to blood clot disorder in pets when consumed in excess. Too much calcium also results in urinary system problems like kidney stones. Such problems must be avoided to ensure your pet enjoys a quality life and good health.

There is also a lot of water component in the cabbage; this water may be good for your guinea pig. However, the cabbage has too much water which can result in vomiting and diarrhea. For this characteristic of cabbage, another vegetable may be chosen over it.

So yes, guinea pigs can safely eat cabbages but they should be given in reasonable quantity to maximize nutritional benefits and at the same time avoid detrimental side effects.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage Core?

Cabbage core is the inner woody part of the cabbage which is covered by the leaves. This part of the cabbage is hard and it is not eaten by human beings.

Cabbage core being hard part of the cabbage should be chopped into small pieces if you are to feed your guinea pigs on it. However, the guinea pigs do not need to eat it although they can eat it.

If cabbage leaves are available to give it to the guinea pig instead of the cabbage core.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chinese Cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is also known as Napa. It has an oblong shape and it is believed to be sweeter than regular cabbage; if that is true can guinea pigs eat Chinese cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat Chinese cabbage because of its very rich content in vitamin A and vitamin C. A guinea pig needs the vitamin C nutrient to boost its immunity and vitamin A for its visual health.

Chinese cabbage has high calcium content than the regular cabbage. Because of this, the guinea pigs should not be fed on the Chinese cabbage to protect them from the possible development of kidney stones in the urinary tract.

If you are feeding your pet on the Chinese cabbage you must give it in small portions only when the regular cabbage is missing.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage Daily?

A feeding schedule for the guinea pigs is important. Vegetables and fruits should be part of the guinea pigs’ daily diet. Kales, lettuce, and parsley form a part of the daily guinea pig diet as per the vegetable requirements. What about cabbage? Can guinea pigs eat cabbage daily? No, guinea pigs cannot eat cabbage daily.

Cabbages are good for you guinea pigs because of the nutritional benefits but they cannot be included on their daily diet. Cabbages can be served 1 to 2 cabbage leaves three times a week to the guinea pig.

Any three days every week Choose 1 or 2 quality organic cabbage leaves for your guinea pig. The cabbage must be fresh. Ensure to wash the cabbage properly to remove impurities and pesticides which may be harmful to your pig.

The guinea pig can eat the cabbage leaves either whole or chopped into pieces on a clean space. Once it has finished eating the cabbage remains should be removed and disposed of well.

Guinea pigs should be given the cabbage supplement based on their age to ensure an optimum balance of the nutrients.


To conclude our discussion, I would still ask, can guinea pigs eat cabbage? Yes, guinea pigs can eat cabbage.

Vegetables form a staple daily diet for the guinea pig; sadly cabbage is not a preferred choice among most pet owners. However, it remains in the list of vegetables that can be given to guinea pigs. It also has essential nutrients ranging from vitamins to minerals which are excellent for your guinea pigs’ health.

Cabbage should be fed to guinea pigs with some control to avoid overfeeding. A lot of cabbage can be dangerous to the guinea pig. Kindly ensure that every time cabbage is fed to the pets, the benefits must outdo any associated risks. Always choose a variety of cabbage that is easy to find but also consider your preferred variety because you understand your pet best. In any case, your pet dislikes the cabbage; withdraw it from the guinea pigs’ diet.