The Boston Terrier dog is known as the American Knight for his good manners and ability to lead a good urban life. It developed in Boston and became the symbol of the city. Today it is the official mascot of the University of Boston; but it is also highly valued in different homes that want a compact, faithful and good-behaved partner.

Keep reading so you know all the details about the Boston Terrier breed.

Origin of the Boston Terrier dog

At the end of the 19th century, the Americans created their first breed, the Boston-Terrier, resulting from several crosses in which we find the Bulldog and the Bull Terrier as main relatives, both from England. He was proclaimed official mascot of the state of Massachusetts in 1979 by Governor Edward King, who had owned a copy in his youth.


The Boston Terrier is cheerful, proud, playful, affectionate and very dignified. With its owners, it is a very loyal dog. Inside the home it is calm and it behaves like a good guard dog. It is usually peaceful but also knows how to defend itself perfectly. Also, it likes the company of other dogs.


The Boston-Terrier is a compact, well-proportioned and short-bodied dog. His limbs are strong and muscular. The ears are usually cut in the form of a tip or the natural ones are left in the form of a bat. It has a short and thin tail that is used to cutting. His hair is short, straight, shiny and with a fine texture, and the coat is smooth, with a brindle colour, black or seal combined with the white that it has on the snout, on the forehead, on the chest and the legs.

Specific Care of the Boston Terrier

This dog needs regular physical activity. Not so much because the energy it has, but because of the need for company and its quality. In fact, it is not enough to take it out and leave it outdoors to play or put it in the yard to run. Normally you will need to interact with him, either with a toy or with a particular game.

It is important not to leave it alone for a long time. It can become destructive and develop separation anxiety. It likes to participate in sports and dog activities.

Boston Terrier aesthetic care is not so demanding; however, constant brushing promotes hair renewal and the distribution of natural oils throughout its body. Also, the bathroom is not necessary too often, unless frequent muddy or very dirty areas.

On the other hand, it is important to cut the nails of the Boston Terrier dog frequently, or they could generate pain and problems to his walking, normally.

The care of your dog’s eyes should also be very special. It is a good idea always to load saline eye drops to put them on and remove dust or debris that could trigger an eye disease.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that this breed may have trouble breathing in very closed or hot places, so its rest place should be very well chosen.

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