Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are known for their large size and their gentle character. Do you want to know a little more about this spectacular cat breed? Surely yes! We invite you to meet the “ giant felines ”.

Where does the Maine Coon Cat come from?

The name of this breed already gives us a clue to know its origin. Maine coon cat comes from the state of Maine (USA). Apparently, around 1850 long-haired cats from Europe and Asia arrived and mated with local short-haired cats. The crossing resulted in this large majestic cat.

The breed became very famous in rural areas and farms in North America. In 1980 they arrived in England. It is currently common all over the world!

You know why Maine, but where does Coon come from? Coon is the diminutive of the word raccoon. Voila! You already have the full name!

Characteristics and behaviour of the Maine Coon cat

Maine Coon is a playful, patient and docile cat (as long as it has been socialised since young). The extreme intelligence of this breed that is capable of recognising words and commands is also admirable. It will surprise you!

The Maine Coons are very comfortable in families that respect their independence, as well as in rural areas where they can develop their instinct freely.

Another characteristic of this breed is its vocalisation or purring that they use to greet the family. And they usually like water! Open a tap, and you will see how it approaches.

Health and care of Maine Coon

It is not a cat with many demands in its care. You just have to keep his fur, control his feeding and try to play with him to do some daily physical exercise. This way, your cat will stay healthy and balanced.

How to keep Maine Coon’s hair?

To keep the hair of a Maine Coon, you should brush it frequently to avoid knots. It is convenient that you give it malt to eliminate possible hairballs as well as to keep it shiny and healthy.

If your cat does not go out to the street, terrace, or garden, you will not have to bathe it frequently, but when you bathe it, do it with special cat shampoo.

What is malt paste?

The malt paste is a useful and natural product that can help improve your cat’s digestion, as well as its intestinal tract. It is a paste with colour and texture similar to that of dark honey, but with more density that mainly consists of:  vegetable oils, vegetable fats, malt extract, dairy products and yeast.

How to feed a Maine Coon Cat?

You may wonder how to control your diet to prevent your cat from being overweight. The truth is that with a balanced diet and providing high-quality dry food, your cat should have no problem.

You simply have to control the amount of daily food your cat eats and encourage its physical activity. When your cat reaches the senior stage, you will have to give him a low-calorie feed.

Do not forget to always leave clean and fresh water at your disposal and supplement your diet with wet cat food.

Enjoy these photos of Maine Coon Cats!