To maintain their claws and stretch their bodies, your cat would scratch on your furniture and ruin a part of it at least every morning. This means you will have to give them another thing to use for that purpose, and that is why people cat parents buy scratching posts, but in this article, we will help you create a DIY cat scratching post for your cat in any shape you like.

Why make it yourself?

You might not be fond of making time and effort for DIY stuff, but we can assure you it will be super fun to create this DIY cat scratching post with love for your cat. You even can choose to make one that matches your house décor, using materials that are easy to find at your home.

Also, you can seize the opportunity to make good use of things you may need to get rid of. Even if you do not have the materials and tools we will tell you about; we assure you that they are really inexpensive – at least cheaper than a scratching post you would buy!

Let’s start the ball rolling!

For your homemade DIY cat scratching post, you will need:


  • Colored sisal rope ( 5-10 meters length)
  • A cardboard tube or an extensive piece of wood that is similar to a tree log (50 cm length)
  • Adjustable piece of wood ( 70 x 70 cm)
  • A Carpet Square (that matches your furniture if you want)
  • Two (2) 3-inch wood screws


  • A staple gun or hot glue gun
  • Craft knife (like X-acto)
  • Meter Scale
  • Pencil
  • A screw hammer or an electric drill

Now follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Bring the 70 x 70 cm piece of wood and using the meter scale and the pencil, try to mark the middle of it.

Step 2:

Using the screw hammer or the drill, secure the cardboard tube or tree log on the mark you previously put. If you want, you may fill the tube with a piece of cloth, so it makes the post heavier and more stable when ready.

Step 3:

Cut a carpet or any colorful piece of fabric on the same size of the wood base, then use the craft knife to make a hole with the same width of the tube or tree log you used.

Step 4:

Put the piece of fabric you cut on the wooden base through the tube, then stick it using a staple gun or a hot glue gun.

Step 5:

After the glue gets dry, start putting the robe around the tube. Make sure you stick the first piece of the robe near the base, and then near the top.

Step 6:

If you think your cat might also ruin your living room carpet as it moves the scratching post while stretching, you can place another piece of fabric on the back of the wooden base.

And now, you can invite your pet cat to try the new DIY cat scratching post!

DIY cat scratching post

Note that if your cat looks hesitant to use the post, then it is because it does not like you t be around while it stretches. Just leave it alone, and it will try it out and LOVE it!

DIY Cat Scratching Post Gallery

Here are more photos of scratching posts created by some people with different unique ideas:     

We hope the steps were easy to follow. Enjoy seeing your cat happily ruining the post rather than your furniture! You might be interested to check out our DIY cat cage tutorial too!