All cats need a cozy place to purr and scrape in. One of the ways we can provide comfort for our cat is by building them a DIY cat cage in our backyard. In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a DIY cat cage. 

Step 1: The plan for DIY cat cage 

At first, begin by determining how much space you are giving your cats to roam in. to complete this project, you need to go shopping for this list: 

  • 12 – 10 foot schedule-40 1/2” PVC
  • 8 – 3-way fittings
  • 24 – T fittings
  • 36” X 50′ plastic poultry netting
  • ZIP TIES (100 – 150 is enough)

Also, you will need:

  • a pipeline cutter
  • a pen
  • strip measure tape

We will go for the 7X5X3 ft dimensions to give the cat the place to climb and jump. In this house, you can fit up to 3 cuttie cats too.

Step 2: Build up the initial frame

Start by cutting these pieces of PVC

  • 6′ 11.5” (4 pieces)
  • 2′ 11.5” (4 pieces)
  • 5′ 11.5” (4 pieces)

Then, it is time to use the right-angled 3-way PVC fittings in the corners and connect the already cut PVC pieces to make a box-shaped frame. Finally, when you are measuring, take note that fittings add some more length to the pipe. So, to get the correct dimension on the tube, you have to measure to the center of the joints.

Step 3: Now we support the frame

Now, you need to dismantle the frame and start to cut the longitudinal PVC pieces and put a T-fitting in between each cut. In the third hole of each fitting, you add a vertical PVC piece and connect it with the below fitting piece.

To make the same with the vertical ones, you make cuts, add T-fittings and connect the 2 sides. It’s easy but very important to support the frame and to make more rigid.

Step 4: Install the frame again, add the netting

Last but not least, you have to install all pieces together. Firstly, you now get the netting, and you need to cut 6 rectangles for each of the sides of the cage. In these steps, you are free to use the nettings you see appropriate for you, you may use plastic waterproof, metal nettings it’s optional.

Secondly, you grab the zip ties and use them to fasten the rectangles on each side. Use 5 to 10 on each edge of the frame. After you finish zip-tying the nettings, you go to the side you want to make as a door, and make a vertical cut in the plastic nettings or if used the metal ones, you may make a rectangular small door.

Step 5: Get the cats in and have fun customizing it

The cats will be so fortunate to have such a pleasant spot to play. Be free to add some extra customizations as toys and steps. Get creative!

Below are some sample of how your DIY cat cage can look like:

Hope you like the tutorial that we shared above, if you are keen to learn how to DIY a cat scratching post, you can check out this guide.