Betta Tank Ideas

Betta fish are wonderful, with their brilliant colours and glorious fins. They deserve a home that allows them to thrive and live a healthy life. Actually, many pet stores sell the betta in small containers or vases while betta fish needs more than a small bowl with some gravel to be happy.

The beauty of a betta tank is that you can design and decorate them to be unique and to match your personality or home decor. You just need a little time to create an awesome-looking tank, and you will have something that will make your betta fish happy and provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Below we will explain the necessary conditions that the aquarium should meet to give your betta a good life:

The right size of the Betta Tank

The size of the Tank is fundamental and even more when we talk about bettas. If your betta fish matters to you, you should buy an aquarium with a minimum of 10 litres and a maximum of 20. Logically, you can have it in larger quantities, but like us, the bettas do not need a mansion to live in good conditions, but if you want to give it that whim, go ahead!

Cons of mini tanks

In aquariums of less than 10 litres, there are two main problems. First, the lack of space does not allow Bettas to move and enjoy a bit. Second, there is the problem of getting the good balance of the beneficial bacteria we need so that the water does not get intoxicated by harmful substances, which is impossible to achieve in such small aquariums.

The appropriate shape

This factor is not as crucial as the previous one, but it will improve the quality of life of your betta greatly. The suitable shape is a rectangular tank and not too high. The bettas prefer to have the surface close, since they use it to go out and breathe out of the water, because of their labyrinth organ that makes bubble nests. You will see them constantly rising to the surface, so avoid aquariums that are too high, no matter how beautiful they are!

Besides, rectangular aquariums allow you to distribute the elements since you will have more surface for them.

The essential elements

These are the necessary elements required to make the tank in a perfect condition:

  • A heater to have the ideal temperature.
  • A filter to have clean water.
  • A light to illuminate the betta tank.
  • A thermometer to make sure we have the right temperature.

To make sure all of the bases are covered, let’s make a few things clear about the kind of tanks where betta fish should not live. These include:

  • Bowls
  • Plant vases
  • Tiny cubes
  • Bookshelves
  • Wall-mounted bubbles
  • Tiny half-gallon to one-gallon tanks

We hope our ideas were as useful as you expected. We intend to dispel some of the myths about betta care and offer some practical tank ideas. Once you understand the needs of your betta, you’ll find it easy to set up the perfect tank and make sure your new pet lives a long, happy life.

Take a look at these photos of different ideas by betta parents: