French Bulldog Guide

So, you want to buy a French bulldog puppy, and you are not sure how to take care of it or raise it. These lovely French bulldogs are known for their wrinkles, short noses, and wide-open ears; they need special cleaning and care‏.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a French bulldog guide that will help you get to know this lovable little dog‏.

Let’s Talk About French Bulldog

The French bulldog is known as the Frenchie. He’s a muscular and compact dog. French Bulldogs have small to medium construct. They weigh 22-25 pounds and 10-13 inches high. Their skin is soft, especially on their head and shoulders where the Frenchie’s wrinkles develop‏.

French bulldog character

The French bulldogs have a child character, Yes they love to be liked, and they do like the attention, always wanting to be at the center of it‏.

They are analytical and brilliant; this makes them wonderful-watch puppies. They are funny, social and get along well with pretty much everyone, including other animals, dogs, and youngsters. They may occasionally be a one-person pet‏.

French Bulldog Care

Clean Frenchie’s folds

French bulldogs have a lot of dark and moist folds that collect dirt and dust. They need to be cleaned regularly because a French bulldog may easily develop an infection.

Using wet baby wipes is the best to clean your dog’s folds because the baby wipes don’t contain alcohol, or you can use a wet towel‏.

Keep them cool

Since this dog’s breed has shortened nostrils, they can’t inhale enough air to cool off. So, you need to keep your little friend in an air-conditioned room on temperatures higher than 24-25 C degrees. If you noticed that he started to pant and feel weak, you need to splash his fur with water immediately.

Also, I recommend you to check on your dog’s water bowl if he has clean and freshwater during the day‏.

Regular bathing is a must

Most Frenchies have sensitive skin; that’s why you need to be aware of what’s the right cosmetics to use. Choose a shampoo that doesn’t hurt the eyes and their sensitive skin and keep their skin soft‏.

Clean your Frenchie’s ears

The French bulldog wide-opened ears are something that distinguishes them from other dogs. However, as they are so opened, dirt and dust easily find their places in their ears.

Therefore, it’s important to perform cleaning once a week by using a special ointment.

Tail pocket cleaning

His short tails make them prone to collect dirt and feces that can cause a serious tail pocket infection. To avoid this issue, we recommend all Frenchie owners to clean their dogs’ tail by using a wet cloth or wipes, every time after they went to potty‏.

Frenchie needs regular grooming

The best way is using a grooming glove because in that way you will be able to reach all the body parts. Use a glove that can be washed after every use. It would be best if you also had some of the best grooming brushes for your pet dog‏.

Be careful around water

You may hear the fact that French bulldog doesn’t know to swim. So, in case you want to spend time at the pool or the beach, your Frenchie will need a good safety life jacket‏.

Regular nail trimming

It would be great if you regularly trimmed your French bulldog’s nails. Otherwise, he may experience health issues. Besides developing a nail infection, your dog might experience terrible pains while walking‏.

Always bring your Frenchie with you

French bulldogs can’t live without their owners. They like to follow them and always begging for attention. That’s why we advise you to take your best friend with you whenever you can‏.