Backyard Ideas For Dogs

A dog playing happily in the backyard is a dream for any dog-owner. Achieving that takes more thought than just sending your dog out in the backyard and wishing him the best. Here are some amazing backyard ideas for dogs that would help you provide your dog with the convenience he\she loves.   

Add a water feature

Plenty of freshwaters are essential so take the opportunity to add a water feature to your landscape. A backyard fountain or a stream is an ideal option you will enjoy it, too.

A small pool is another great option that water-loving dogs will enjoy, but you have to do a safety check before you build or even allow access to an existing pool.

Consider safety first

To keep your dog safe, you might choose a fully fenced backyard or a dog run within a larger area. It’s easy to install a chain-link fence to create a safe enclosure, but you have to choose a fencing material that matches your landscape.

You can use picket fences to make a cottage design‏. No matter what style you prefer, make sure it is strong enough to contain your family friend, and well designed so your dog can’t get stuck between the planks.

Keep your landscaping toxin-free

Mulch is a great option to keep your dog cool and comfortable in summer, but you need to be careful about the material that your mulch is made of. Also, be careful when selecting fertilizers for your garden as it may contain harmful chemicals.

Some common plants are dangerous if dogs eat them. Also, baits for snails and other pests can be lethal, make sure your dog can’t get to them.

Provide plenty of shade and shelter

You need a shade to take shelter from the sun, and so does your dog. It’s important to give your dog a place to cool down, as dogs can get sunburn and suffer from heatstroke.

If a large tree shade isn’t enough, look into overhead tarps and shade cloths that stretch over part of the area, or add a doghouse which can easily be made from plastic box or wood.

Create a dining area

Give your dog a special place to enjoy his meals. You can build a simple platform that hides his dishes when he’s not using them, which will help to keep your yard looking tidy.

Have a place for playing

The bored or unexercised dog will look for trouble, give your dog space where he can play, run, and chase, then you’ll have fewer troubles.

Make the space as wide as possible to keep him happy.

Add convenient pathways

The best ways to keep your dog’s private moments is to provide a pathway. It will help to ensure your dog doesn’t trample your flowers. Build a “bathroom area” so it becomes clear to your dog where he should go.

Add extra features

If your dog is friendly and doesn’t bark at everything that passes, you can create a window in a fence so that he can watch the outside world.

Another idea is to create a fun play area. Consider using plants and landscaping to present obstacles to weave through, balance beams to walk on or tunnels to roam through. Tunnels can be your pet’s place to hideout.

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